A Year in Blogging

Hello Blogosphere

When I first began my blogging journey in  January 2013, it was with naïve optimism that being a blogger was simply the  easiest “hobby” or job any individual could pick up. How wrong that assumption was! I have yet to find my niche in the blogosphere. It was my intention to document my “firsts” in life, but that quickly became difficult to blog about as it appeared I was not social or daring enough with my activities. The other reason: blogging requires time, dedication, and creative juice. Time I had, but lacked in dedication or creativity in terms of topics to share on a weekly basis, never mind daily!

I give credit to all the bloggers out there who make blogging seem so easy.  Even though I have only published 36 posts, I am optimistic that 2014 will bring me greater creativity not just with my posts, but the redesign of my page.  Stay tuned, but for now, let’s go down memory lane.

My first blog post: First Wine: Roscato Rosso Dolce


Most viewed blog post: Favorite Things Party


Least viewed: Ready for Spring: Dresses


Crossed off my Bucket List: 5K Run


Biggest Milestone: Turning 40


Thank you for reading, and Happy New Years! No New Years resolution for me, just hoping for a year of new opportunities and adventure.


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