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Typically I only read novels written from the third person point of view so that all the thoughts and feelings from each character are shared with the reader. Friends have tried to get me to read first person books but I have always declined. Until Fifty Shades of Grey. I was sucked into Ana’s world and her love affair with Christian. Well, since then I have read many books written in first person and have gotten used to the writing style. Below are reviews of books I have recently devoured in a relatively few short period of time. My reviews will not include every detail that happened in the book, as I hate when reviewers do that. My reviews will be what I thought of the book and may include some details, but not enough to be called a spoiler.


Fallen Too Far was a fantastic, emotional read for me. I was hooked the moment Blair Wynn took out her nine millimeter gun and pointed it at someone she thought was going to hurt her. A girl who can defend herself is my type of heroine. Although Blair has had a tough past (her twin was killed in an accident, her father left them, and recently lost her mother to cancer) she is a very strong character. I like that Blair does not play coy with the young men who goes after her, as she is very beautiful. Once she meets Rush Finlay, her father’s stepson, Blair is attracted to him. Initially, Finlay doesn’t want to cave into his attraction for Blair but loses the battle. I could feel the sexual tension between them until they finally become a couple. Finlay is the typical bad boy who tries to deny his attraction to Blair by being nasty to her in the beginning, but in stereotypical fashion, she brings out the softer side in him.

What Blair does not realize is that Finlay has a secret he does not want her to know. The whole town is aware that Finlay is protecting his sister Nanette, and that Finlay played a role in why her father left Blair and her mother after the accident. Blair eventually finds out, which leads to her leaving Rush and returning to Alabama. Rush follows her, wanting a chance to explain. For Blair, it was too late.

In Blair’s words, “Would my life always be full of loss?” This question breaks my heart, it is a sad revelation. She never had the chance to say goodbye to her sister, she didn’t say goodbye to her mother. So Blair decides she was going to say goodbye to Rush in her own way. She makes love with him one last time and tells him afterwards, “I didn’t get to say goodbye with my sister or my mom. Those were final goodbyes I never got. This final goodbye I needed. This one time between us with no lies.” Rush leaves after he and Blair make love.

Abbi Glines ended the book with this cliffhanger. Never Too Far comes out in March 2013. Not soon enough for me!


On Dublin Street ~ When I set out to purchase a book, my eyes are visually drawn to the cover and title. If both meet my expectations, I will then read the back cover for the synopsis. Samantha Young’s On Dublin Street was one book I passed over initially. Yes, the cover is gorgeous, tempting, erotic. But the title held no appeal for me. Yes, I am fully aware of the old “don’t judge a book by its cover” or in this case, “don’t judge a book by its title.” Guilty as charged. After perusing other books online, this particular book seemed to always be in my line of vision (it would always be included in lists of similar books I was looking at) so I finally downloaded a free sample, read it, and immediately purchased the book.

On Dublin Street is about Jocelyn Butler and Braden Carmichael. They initially meet in a cab and later on in his sister’s apartment (I call this fate, serendipity, etc). Jocelyn is another female heroine who suffered a tragic past, which makes it hard for her to trust and bond with anyone because she is always afraid of losing them. What I love about this book is the supporting characters. I loved the back story between Jocelyn’s roommate Ellie (Braden’s sister) and Braden’s best friend Adam.  I felt like they should have had their own book.

This book is told from Jocelyn’s point of view. After her parents died, she leaves the United States for Edinburgh and moves into an old but beautifully renovated apartment on Dublin Street. Her roommate, Ellie, is beautiful, charming, and the younger sister of Braden Carmichael. Braden is a serial dater and is in a current relationship when he meets Jocelyn. Their second meeting was memorable, that’s all I have to say. Ellie slowly breaks through Jocelyn’s walls and gets her to socialize more than she ever had.  Braden does break up with is girlfriend and makes a proposition to Jocelyn.  Braden successfully gets her to  agree to be “friends with benefits.” For Jocelyn, forming attachments is something she avoids, so this arrangements works for her. Well, like any love story, Jocelyn and Braden start to fall for each other, but when Ellie suffers a medical condition, reality comes crashing back for Jocelyn. Scared, she breaks off her relationship with Braden (although she was warned earlier by Braden’s stepmom to let him go if she was just going to hurt him in the end).  Braden finds out why Jocelyn broke up with him and confronts her.  And they lived happily every after. My kinds of romance story. Oh, you will have to read On Dublin Street if you want to know if Ellie and Adam become a couple.

I was very drawn to this story. I, at times, felt frustrated with Jocelyn’s reasons for not allowing to let anyone in, not taking a chance at forming concrete relationships and running away from her feelings when things get complicated. I realize she has trust issues after her whole family died but I just wished she could be a stronger female lead. The sexual relationship between Jocelyn and Braden was amazing. I am happy that Braden stuck around and was able to make Jocelyn realize she has to take a chance at love if she is to ever be happy herself.


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